We are experts in planning, development and realization of biogas and energy projects.

When the industry delivers energy to external parties, we provide competent consultancy in relation to evaluating the potential, economy, organization and contracts. With our unique insight into the agro and energy industry, we create valuable relationships between the project’s most important stakeholders. We also make sure to create a project foundation that the competent authorities will approve straight away.

We have experiences with all phases of a project and that provides an overview that is required to know when to do what, at the appropriate time. In other words: An effective process where we minimize the costs for our clients.

Danish and international biogas projects

WH-PlanAction has many years of experience in assisting biogas companies, initiative groups, municipalities, cogeneration plants and investors with biogas projects – both in Denmark and internationally. We consider an effective process and cost reductions for your project as our main goal.

We offer:

  • Organization of projects
  • Localization analyses
  • Budgeting and economic modeling
  • Financial modeling and prospects
  • Regulatory procedures (such as Environmental Impact Assessments)
  • Project procurement
  • Contract work
  • Construction management
  • Hand-overs